EPIDURAL LINE Parts of the kit:

1.- Tuohy-tip needle with centimetre depth markings, 80 mm and 95 mm long. Available in gauges 16G, 18G, and 20G. Ergonomic hub with large wings and anatomical shape. 2.- Epidural catheter, with soft tip, manufactured in PEBAX® with centimetre markings in the first 20 cm. Radiopaque, 90 cm long, and available in different gauges, from 1 mm to 0.60 mm. 3.- 6ml LOR syringe adapted to perform the air or saline loss of resistance technique. 4.- 0.2 µ filter. 5.- Innovative yellow and red stickers to distinguish if the catheter is epidural or intrathecal. 6.- Transparent bandage to fix the catheter outlet to the back. 7.- Innovative high-resistance sandwich-like catheter connector, easy to place and close, with reopening allowed.

IMPORTANT CHANGES TO IMPROVE THE EPIDURAL TECHNIQUE FROM BEGINNING TO END Tuohy tip with intermediate edge adapted to penetrate skin and tissues avoiding unseen punctures of dura mater. Large wings that provide a great grip, which improves the accuracy of needle insertion. A low-resistance syringe that is very sensitive to epidural space detection with both air and saline. ULTRA-SOFT tip catheter that prevents the dura mater piercing and the introduction of the catheter into a blood vessel. The soft tip cap enables outflow, giving a unique feature to the catheter: THE OPEN CAP ACTS AS A CLOSED CATHETER. SANDWICH-LIKE catheter connector with a unique ‘EASY TO CLOSE, DIFFICULT TO OPEN’ design, which enables the anaesthetist to close it easily and precisely, but prevents accidental opening or unwanted handling by unauthorised personnel.
SMALL DETAILS, EXTRA SAFETY If an intrathecal unseen puncture occurs, the kit has a red sticker to alert the healthcare personnel in case of leaving the catheter in that space. AKUS® has an epidural kit with a 20G needle and a 0.60 mm catheter especially designed for LABOUR EPIDURAL. The dura mater unseen puncture reduces the risk of post-dural puncture headache (PDPH) significantly. The insertion and functioning of this epidural kit are similar to the equipment commonly used with 16G and 18G needles. Small epidural kits (with 22G and 20G needles), which are specifically designed for the epidural or caudal technique in pain therapies, are available. ECHOGENIC EPIDURAL NEEDLES are specially designed for ultrasound-guided paravertebral blocks that require the insertion of a catheter. Useful for the location of the epidural space and ultrasound-guided caudal block. AKUS-FIXER is a simple and innovative fixation system for the filter-connector assembly that, due to its adhesive system free of rigid parts, avoids tension, breakage, disconnections, or injuries in soft parts of the catheter-connector-filter assembly.