AKUS is a Spanish company founded in 2013 by medical professional.

Born with the renewed idea of DESIGNING AND MANUFACTURING necessary material for loco-regional anesthesia. INNOVATE AND NOT COPY that was the objective set from the beginning.

For more than 30 years, there have been no significant changes in spinal needles, among the most prominent advances we can mention, the passage of metal to plastic materials, small cannulas and the introduction of pencil tips of varied types.

Few improvements have been made to the handles of the needles, and this is where we saw the opportunity to begin to introduce important changes, design from a different perspective, which could be provided by engineers and designers with observation inside the operating room, seeing how Different anesthesia professionals worked in different regional anesthesia procedures.


The perspective of engineers and designers has made it possible to create different initial models, which were later selected by expert anesthetists to select different models for different techniques…

It was understood very quickly that a spinal anesthesia is different from an epidural and very different from a nerve block technique, we had to make useful and appropriate tools for each technique. This resulted in designs of needles very different from what was on the market, all with clear justifications and technical specifications of NEW AND PATENTED MODELS.

AKUS philosophy is to continue researching in the field of anesthesia, trying to provide novelties that help improve anesthetic procedures, making them more precise and simple for the professional and safer for the patient.

When a tool is much more ergonomic it becomes more effective.

The different final designs can be surprising in their new aesthetics and design, but only the application of usability makes them really useful.

With AKUS has born of a new concept within the regional anesthesia, and very probably this methodology of observing, designing and selecting as a team, see its extension in other fields of anesthesia including other areas of medicine.

For all this, it was decided to extend the name of AKUS to AKUS INNOVATION IN ANESTHESIA